New e-Course: Traveling Light

Recently, I traveled to Costa Rica. I had a great time eating gallo pinto, petting sloths, and hiking around the gorgeous national parks and beaches there. I came back from the trip inspired to create an e-course about travel photography. I wanted to create a course that would go beyond simple gear recommendations and itinerary tips. Those things are important, sure, but travel photography is about so much more. I grew up overseas and have spent many years exploring the globe. I thought it would be fun to share some of what I've learned in my travels. 

My new e-course Traveling Light: The Spirit of Travel Photography is hot off the press and I am incredibly happy with it. The course includes audio slideshows, lectures, essays, and an interview with fantastic humanitarian photographer Joni Kabana. I packed as much travel photo inspiration as I could into it! 

Traveling Light focuses on making more nuanced, meaningful travel images - images that resonate with the spirit of a place. It's so easy to be disappointed by travel images that fall short - I wanted to build a course to help change that. 

If you'd like to join me on this e-course adventure, you can sign up at any time. The one-week course is on-demand, so it starts the day you register. That means it's easy to squeeze in right before an upcoming trip. Onward!