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Mentoring session are an opportunity to dig deep, get all your images and ideas out on the (virtual) table, and synthesize, brainstorm, and learn all about the "inside baseball" of the arts world. I pull from twenty years in the field as a curator, photographer, gallerist, portfolio reviewer, educator, and juror. If you're confused about the photography world and unsure how to refine your work or get it out there, I can share what I've learned and help you navigate it all with more confidence.

I work with photographers who are just starting out on their creative journey and photographers who are striving to reinvigorate their practice and open space for new projects and working methods. If you're preparing an exhibition, developing a portfolio, building a website, starting a commercial business, entering competitions, publishing, or envisioning a healthy, nourishing creative future for yourself, I'd love to help you manifest your vision.  

I also offer advice and practical support for new online educators. If you're considering creating an online class, I can teach you how to do it. We can talk about platform choice, content delivery options, multimedia, website integration, syllabus planning, and overall course design. I have a long history of helping teachers develop stronger classes. I'll distill everything I've learned from directing the educational programming at a photography school and creating my own highly-rated online classes. 

Mentoring sessions are flexible and designed to best support each student's individual needs. Sessions are $200/hour or $925 for a five-hour package. Meetings are held via Skype (for students outside the U.S.) or telephone. 

Contact me for an initial chat to discuss your artistic hopes and goals. 


Image by Fritz Liedtke

Image by Fritz Liedtke


- begin a brave, big, fabulous new project
- prepare an exhibition or publication
  (image choices, printing, framing, installation, sequencing)
- edit your work into a stronger portfolio
- write a powerful artist statement
- address weaknesses and highlight strengths in your images
- make your work more cohesive and less "all over the place"
- better align your work with your passions and personality
- tackle technical challenges that hold you back
- strategize a new creative business
- conceptualize and organize a website
- understand different models in the photobook publishing world
- create an artistic plan for future growth
- develop your intuition for editing
- break through blocks that hold you back
- get you inspired, jazzed, moving! 





“Thank you for believing in me and my work! I would not have been so fortunate with my art successes without your early assistance. I imagine there are MANY photographers who feel the same way about you that I do! You are a tireless supporter and advocate and I am very grateful, thank you.”
— Maureen Drennan
“Thank you so much for your generosity today...for the time you gave me, your insights and assistance putting together a show that makes sense. You really helped me focus on this body of work in a concrete way. I feel I can move on to alter the final images so they have the same style, layering, and visual ambiguity that I really strive to achieve. I also feel more on track with a landscape project.”
— Susan Gans
“My latest work - Presence, is a journey not down the road less traveled, but for me it’s an unmarked path into the photographic wilderness. I had simultaneously embraced a deeply personal narrative and changed my stylistic approach to my work. While it felt right, I desperately needed to start defining where I was going. I had no road maps and there are very few guideposts out where I was. So, I sought out help early on in the project. These early conversations were very informative, but as is often the case, diverged in opinion. After a number of reviews and consultations, I had a chance to sit down with Laura Valenti. During my presentation, Laura listened and posed thought-provoking questions. I shared the feedback I had received from a number of sources and Laura was instrumental in helping me put those thoughts in perspective. Our conversation covered everything from practical considerations of when and what to exhibit to deeper questions of how to express my very personal narrative. I felt affirmed for many of my choices and challenged on others. In reflection, Laura helped me find the courage to say no to quick opportunities, to find context for my previous reviews, and to refine my artistic statement. Most importantly though, she opened up new lines of inquiry which have been very fruitful. Though our photographic styles and life experiences may be quite different, I found my experience with Laura to be open, thought-provoking, and ultimately invaluable.”
— Reathel Geary
“Laura is wonderful, patient, kind, attentive, and an expert at seeing.”
— Sara Patterson