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Let’s make your vision a reality

For an artist, turning ideas into reality can be a very sensitive process. Our work comes from our heart, so sharing it in an exhibition (or with the entire internet) can churn up a lot of emotions - as well as creative and technical questions.

Mentoring helps.

It works very simply: we’ll have a one-on-one conversation about whatever you’re working on (or resisting working on).

For my photography mentoring clients, I pull from 20 years as a curator, photographer, gallerist, professional portfolio reviewer, and competition juror.

For my online education mentoring clients, I distill everything I've learned from directing the educational programming at a photography school and creating my own highly-rated e-courses. I have a long history of helping teachers develop stronger classes.

You can read more about my background and experience here.

If you were sitting across from an experienced gallery curator
& artistic director, what would you ask her?


My mentoring falls into three main categories: 

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Creative Clarity

  • You want to fall in love with photography again

  • You’re ready to clear away creative blocks and “I’m not good enough” thinking

  • You feel like you’re floundering and you want your confidence back

  • You’re not sure which of your images are "good" and which aren’t

  • You want to grow as a photographer, but you’re not exactly sure how to do it

Creative Clarity mentoring sessions are flexible and tailored to your unique needs and creative priorities. All mentoring sessions happen via telephone or Skype. Sessions are $250/hour or $1,175 for a five-hour package. Sessions do not expire.


“Laura is wonderful, patient, kind, attentive, and an expert at seeing.”
— Sara Patterson
I would not have been so fortunate with my art successes without your early assistance. I imagine there are MANY photographers who feel the same way about you that I do! You are a tireless supporter and advocate and I am very grateful, thank you.”
— Maureen Drennan

Artistic Vision

  • You're preparing for an exhibition or publication (image choices, printing, framing, installation, sequencing)

  • You’re working on writing a powerful artist statement

  • You’re developing a portfolio, building a website, starting a commercial business, entering competitions, or publishing your work

  • You want to open up space for new projects and working methods

  • You want to make your work more cohesive and less "all over the place"

  • You want to understand the different models in the photobook publishing world

  • You want to develop your intuition for editing

Artistic Vision mentoring sessions are flexible and tailored to your unique needs and creative priorities. All mentoring sessions happen via telephone or Skype. Sessions are $250/hour or $1,175 for a five-hour package. Sessions do not expire.


You always have really insightful, practical, and helpful advice which is exactly what I needed. I definitely will be getting future mentoring sessions from you as I found it so helpful in so many ways. Thank you again for all you do for photographers, you really change people’s lives with the work you do!
— Cathy Panebianco
Thank you so much for your generosity today...for the time you gave me, your insights and assistance putting together a show that makes sense. You really helped me focus on this body of work in a concrete way. I feel I can move on to alter the final images so they have the same style, layering, and visual ambiguity that I really strive to achieve. I also feel more on track with a landscape project.
— Susan Gans

Ready to turn your knowledge and expertise
into an online course? In that case... 

Online Education

  • How to choose the right e-course platforms and tech options

  • Help deciding which e-course delivery type is best for your skill set, personality, and tech skills

  • Support with e-course design and syllabus planning for maximum engagement

  • Guidance with compelling, authentic branding so your website and social media shine

  • Non-slimy marketing strategies that will grow your community and impact

  • Realistic, heartfelt goal setting for your creative business

Online Education mentoring is like going to business school - a school that’s specifically tailored to you and your dream business. Instead of spending years figuring it all out on your own, you can get targeted help in just a few hours from a seasoned creative business owner who’s done all the trial and error for you. All mentoring sessions happen via telephone or Skype. Sessions are $350/hour or $1,675 for a five-hour package. Sessions do not expire.

“Laura is more than a great photographer, she’s a builder of photographic community. She’s got that special “je ne sais quoi” that inspires, and inspires people to inspire others. Her online teaching help has no doubt saved me countless hours and helped me avoid roadblocks, but more importantly, has also helped me dream about new ways of sharing photography.”
— Neil Schulman

Book Your Session…

Ready to book your session? Pop me an email and let me know what you’re working on. You’ll hear from me within 48 hours and we’ll schedule a time for our first phone (or Skype) meeting. 

I look forward to working with you!

“My latest work unmarked path into the photographic wilderness. I desperately needed to start defining where I was going. I had no road maps and there are very few guideposts out where I was. So, I sought out help early on. Those early conversations were very informative, but as is often the case, diverged in opinion. After a number of reviews and consultations, I had a chance to sit down with Laura. She listened and posed thought-provoking questions. I shared the feedback I had received and Laura was instrumental in helping me put those thoughts in perspective. Our conversation covered everything from practical considerations of when and what to exhibit to deeper questions of how to express my very personal narrative. I felt affirmed for many of my choices and challenged on others. Laura helped me find the courage to say no to quick opportunities, to find context for my previous reviews, and to refine my artistic statement. Most importantly though, she opened up new lines of inquiry which have been very fruitful. My time with Laura was thought-provoking and invaluable.”
— Reathel Geary