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Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m a photographer and curator who helps people hone their vision, deepen their relationship with their craft, and make meaningful images they love. I’ve had my fingers in a lot of pots in the art world, for over 20 years now. I teach interactive e-courses, support emerging photographers in my creative mentoring program, speak to photo groups, and curate exhibitions for galleries and photo festivals around the world. I also jury photo competitions and serve as a reviewer at national and international portfolio review events, where I help photographers fine-tune their vision and promote their work with more confidence. 

The Light Atlas e-courses and retreats are here to help you clear creative blocks and bring forward your most skillful, authentic, wholehearted work. Each of my offerings goes deeper than mere mechanics - into the heart of making your creative process brilliantly, joyfully alive.

Bring your vision to life.
Make soulful, gorgeous images you adore!




Do you remember those old cameras with flash cubes that popped when you took a picture?

When I was five years old, that camera was my first love. I grew up watching my dad print pictures in our basement darkroom, fascinated by the magic of the process. As I got older, I spent every spare second in the darkroom. 

After my first year of college, I took a summer job teaching photography to at-risk youth (mostly gang members) in Seattle. Through that experience, I realized we were teaching them so much more than darkroom and camera skills. We were helping them remember that they had a voice - and that what they had to say mattered. Working with light, interpreting their experiences through the lens, learning to see - that was actually a powerful process of self-discovery and healing.

That one summer job led to a 20+ year career in the art world.

I believe photography is a tool for personal discovery - for insight, transformation, and growth. That’s what I’ve spent my entire career exploring.

I absolutely love what I do.



I help photographers become visionary artists. 

At its core, my work is about helping my students find their true voice as artists, so they can make their most personal, meaningful, and impactful work. 

If you’re looking for my formal bio, keep scrolling. Otherwise, here are a few fun bits about me:

  • I live on the beautiful, foggy north Oregon coast with my sweetheart and our pup. 

  • I might be mildly obsessed with Japanese bean cakes, hand-knitted socks, and impromptu ABBA dance parties in the kitchen.

  • For most of my life, I've looked a lot younger than I am. People thought I was 18 when I was 40. It's actually been a challenge - but it's helping me approach aging with gratitude. Here's to eye wrinkles!    

  • I spent the first fifteen years of my life living in Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.

  • My first photo album featured kooky images of my stuffed animals, family, and backyard - check out the photographic evidence below…


My first photo album, age 5.

My first photo album, age 5.

Love the backwards crayon numbers.

Love the backwards crayon numbers.


Your next steps…


Start with Sight + Insight.

This is my free, four-day photography e-course (all cameras and photographers at any level are welcome). It includes thoughtful essays and audio-visual conversations about deepening your awareness of light and creating images with more emotional resonance.

Here are the two things I love most about this class:

  • You’ll get clarity on the difference between photographing beautiful things and making beautiful photographs. (This is so important!)

  • And, I’ll share my very own creative working methods with you - the exact practices I use to make my images.

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If you’ve already taken Sight + Insight and you’re ready for more, one of my e-courses might be a fit.

Or, if you’d like detailed feedback on your entire portfolio (website, social media, etc) mentoring is probably the right option for you.

And of course, let’s connect on Instagram, too.


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My professional background:

I've spent about 20 years in the art world as a photographer, curator, arts director, and educator. I worked for 15 years in the nonprofit art world, most recently as Outreach Director at Photolucida - an organization that works to build connections between photographers and the gallery and publishing worlds.

Before that, I was Program Director and co-Curator at Newspace Center for Photography, where I also taught black-and-white darkroom.

I often serve as a professional reviewer at various portfolio review events (such as Houston FotoFest, Review Santa Fe, Photolucida, and many international reviews), where I help photographers fine-tune their vision and promote their work with more confidence.

Recent curatorial projects include shows at Praxis Photo Arts Center, PhotoPlace Gallery, LightBox Photographic, Center for Fine-Art Photography, Photographic Resource Center, RayKo Photo Center, the Oregon Historical Society, and the Lishui International Photography Festival (China).

I've also juried exhibitions for many different organizations over the years, including Center (Santa Fe), Photo District News, The Oregonian, Photo Center Northwest, Critical Mass, Rangefinder Magazine, and the KL Photography Awards (Malaysia), among many others. 

Learn more about my photography and teaching philosophy on the Huffington Post.


Self discovery. Artistic growth. Soulful living.
Make art that brings you alive.


Wherever you are on your creative journey, and whatever step you decide to take next, I hope you’ll remember that:

  • Choosing to make art isn't selfish. It’s healing, deeply loving - and it's your absolute right.

  • Art school and fancy gear aren't the important things - it's your creative voice that really matters.

  • Anyone who defines your work by how it compares to someone else’s is missing an opportunity to help you express your unique vision.

  • The "right" work is whatever lights you up. If your heart is called towards it, move in that direction.

  • Art is a tender, intimate act of cherishing who you are. It’s about connecting to yourself and the world around you more deeply, more honestly.

  • You have a vision and voice that you can express right now. 


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