Transformational photography e-courses & retreats
for people who want to go deeper than tools & technique.


  • You want to develop your skills as a photographer, but not at the expense of making art that is deeply personal and meaningful…

  • Instead of creative hesitation or the fear of other people’s judgments, you want to LOVE every single second you spend with your camera…

  • You want to make images that are uniquely yours, instead of robotically following rules or commercial trends…

  • You can FEEL the creative potential stirring inside you, and you’re ready to let it shine…

  • You know photography is so much deeper than megapixels and f-stops, and you’d love to collaborate with someone who really gets that…

Hi, I’m Laura


I created Light Atlas for one reason: I'm passionate about helping photographers become visionary artists.

I draw from a 20+ year career as a photographer, curator, juror, arts director, and educator to help you improve your photography in meaningful new ways.

The Light Atlas courses are here to help you clear creative blocks and bring forward your most skillful, authentic, and wholehearted work. I want to help you feel joy and possibility every time you pick up your camera.

Each of my offerings goes deeper than mere mechanics - into the heart of making your creative process brilliantly, joyfully alive. Choose the option that speaks to you and let’s make something beautiful together!



An e-course for photographers who want to overcome blocks, cultivate a truly original vision, and step into their full power as artists. If your work feels a little repetitive, derivative, or humdrum and you’re ready to spice things up and find your true vision, this course is the perfect next step. Ready for the clarity and freedom of a big creative shift? Join me for Light Atlas.

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Does the thought of walking into an exhibit of your photographs light you up? This multimedia e-course will help you bypass the most common mistakes and inaccurate assumptions that first-time exhibitors make. Exhibition Masterclass pulls back the curtain on the world of galleries, juried competitions, and everything it takes to exhibit your photographs. 

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Does it feel like you’re just scratching the surface with your photography? Do you sense that it could be a powerful tool for wellbeing, healing, and personal insight - but you’re not entirely sure how to make that happen? The Art of Wellbeing offers you a selection of photography practices that connect the heart, mind, and lens. You’ll learn how to use your life experience to make images that are deeply meaningful and transformative. Each prompt is conceptually rich enough to be the basis for its own portfolio.

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Travel is about discovery, adventure, and fulfilling your dreams. It’s about so much more than plane tickets and famous landmarks. Do your images reflect the true energy and spirit of travel? Do you feel called to make more unique, expressive images? Traveling Light is a one-week e-course for photographers who want to make insightful and deeply personal images during their travels - whether you’re going on a weekend road trip or an international extravaganza. You'll get helpful feedback on your images throughout the course.

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Are you ready to go deeper with your photography? Are you stuck on creative or technical questions? Instead of pushing through by yourself, mentoring is your chance to receive personalized feedback, hard-won lessons, and creative insight. My mentoring is based on my twenty years as a curator, photographer, gallerist, portfolio reviewer, educator, and juror. I offer three categories of mentoring - scroll through to see which one is best for you. 

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Emotionally exhausted? Drained by the news cycle? Creatively blank and a little bit blah? Meditations on Gratitude is a 6-week e-course about using photography to cultivate a daily gratitude practice. The class is all about slowing down, seeing more deeply, and honoring the experiences that make life beautiful. It's a lovely opportunity to reinvigorate your artistic vision while creating images that inspire happiness and hope.

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Do your photographs seem all over the place? Do you want to create a more cohesive aesthetic? Would you like to see your work exhibited in a gallery, published in a book, or beautifully presented online? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the course for you. The Visionary Portfolio is a 6-week e-course that will take you beyond haphazard image-making to create a unified body of work that reflects your true artistic voice.

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