Welcome to the Light Atlas E-Courses

For photographers who want to become visionary artists



You want to develop your skills as a photographer, but not at the expense of making art that is deeply personal and meaningful.


Instead of creative hesitation or the fear of other people’s judgments, you want to LOVE every single second you spend with your camera.


You instinctively sense that photography can be a form of self care. A deep exhale. A big, glorious grin.



You can FEEL the creative potential stirring inside you, and you’re ready to let it shine.



You want to make images that are uniquely YOURS, instead of robotically following rules or commercial trends.


You know photography is so much deeper than megapixels and f-stops, and you’d love to collaborate with someone who really gets that.


This is what the Light Atlas e-Courses are about. These online courses go deeper than mere mechanics, into the heart of making your creative process brilliantly, joyfully alive.


Choose the option that speaks to you
and let’s make something beautiful together!



Your Light Atlas Guide: Laura Valenti


Hi there. I’m Laura Valenti, founder of Light Atlas Creative. I created the Light Atlas e-courses for one reason: I'm passionate about helping photographers become visionary artists.

  • I believe you have a unique creative voice (yes, you do!).

  • I believe photography can be a powerful tool for insight and healing.

  • I believe there’s a big difference between photographing beautiful things and making beautiful photographs - my work is entirely about the latter.

I draw from a 20+ year career as a photographer, curator, juror, arts director, and educator to help you improve your photography in meaningful new ways. In addition to my online courses, I also work with emerging photographers in my creative mentoring program, present lectures to photo groups, and curate exhibitions for galleries and festivals around the world.  

The Light Atlas e-Courses are here to help you clear away creative blocks and bring forward your most skillful, authentic, and wholehearted work. I want to help you feel joy, catharsis, and gratitude every time you touch your camera. I want to help you make images that are pure heart and pure art.