Reconnect with your art…

Sight + Insight is a free, four-day photography e-course (all cameras and photographers at any level are welcome). It includes thoughtful essays and audio-visual conversations about slowing down, deepening your relationship with your art, and creating images with more emotional resonance.

Here are the two things I love most about this class:

  • You’ll get clarity on the difference between photographing beautiful things and making beautiful photographs (this is so important!)

  • And, I’ll share my very own creative working methods with you - the exact practices I use to make my images.

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Since starting photography, I have been bombarded with different courses to join. But, your course has been the only one that grabbed my attention. Like a light bulb, I seem to be understanding the photos I have taken over the last six months. Sight + Insight was like therapy to me.
— Morag McRoberts
“Laura, you are really a wonderful, inspiring, uplifting teacher. I have never come away from one of your classes not feeling really good about myself and my photography and more importantly, learning something that will ultimately help me improve my craft.”
— Cathy Panebianco
“I love your classes so much. You have an amazing positive energy that can transcend cyberspace. Thank you for being a gifted teacher and creating a safe environment to thrive.”
— Jill Velinos