“I travel regularly and take a lot of photographs along the way, but it wasn’t until Laura’s course that I finally understood the true power of what I could do with my passion. I’ve also completed her Candela course and have come to know Laura as an intuitive and challenging guide. Since her curriculum cuts to the philosophical and emotional heart of the craft, the course is ideal for experts, beginners, and everyone in between.”
— Gail Jessen




Traveling Light is a one-week e-course that focuses on moving beyond the commonplace travel snapshot. At their best, the images we make when we travel can touch on the human spirit. They can deepen the connections we share across cultures, and illuminate the beauty found in unexpected places.

Traveling Light is designed to help photographers make more meaningful, personal images of the world we live in. Personal vision is far more important than any piece of camera gear. As luck would have it, it’s also lighter to pack! In this course, you’ll learn take your vision on the road, to tune in to the rhythm of a place, and to make images that truly reflect your artistic spirit. The course is on-demand, so it may be taken any time in preparation for a journey. Your course will begin on the day you register. The wide world awaits! Grab your camera and join the adventure!



The course includes inspirational readings, audio slideshows, and lectures designed to spark your creativity and get you thinking about your travel photography in fresh new ways. Since Traveling Light is an “on-demand” course, you can start on any date that is convenient for you. The online classroom is also a great, safe space for posting comments and receiving feedback on your images and ideas. I'll be your personal guide throughout the course, supporting you with encouraging feedback and advice. You’ll leave the course with a new set of creative tools to draw from on your next trip. 



Traveling Light is designed to fit easily into your busy schedule. Each day for seven days, you'll get access to a healthy dose of photo inspiration in the online classroom. Unlike a traditional classroom experience, Traveling Light lessons can be taken at any hour of the day or night, whenever it suits you best. You can take the course on a red-eye flight across the Pacific Ocean, if you like. You can always repeat a lesson if you need to, and there is no such thing as falling behind. You'll have access to all the lessons for at least a year after the course ends.



All cameras are welcome! You don’t need anything fancy to take this course. In fact, the simpler, the better! DSLRs, point-and-shoots, camera phones, pinhole cameras made from oatmeal boxes – I have a strict equipment nondiscrimination policy. Film shooters must be able to scan images to share in the online classroom.



Since this is a conceptual photography course (as opposed to a technical class), thoughtful photographers at any level may join. Students should be comfortable with basic camera operations, and must know how to upload images to their computers. We’re here to learn – if you feel you have something to learn about the creative process, you’re in the right spot.


“OMG - you just turned my whole idea of travel photography on its head. How cool is that!? When I think of all the words I’ve read about travel photography all these years - yikes! None of them hold a candle to your thoughtful and inspiring approach. You truly are a muse!”
— Patricia Hogan


Begin the e-course today: $75  



"A large and heartfelt thank you for this course. I loved the structure, content, interactivity, and very much enjoyed other participants' photos, comments, and your feedback. It has been a very rich and thought-provoking learning experience, affirming some things, and encouraging deeper exploration with others."
— Ellen Edson
“I want to say THANK YOU again for another wonderful course! It’s short but full of inspirations. Each day the lessons started with insightful materials that inspired me to do more and deeper thinking and reflecting. The best part was your feedback of my comments – very individualized, opened up my mind, encouraged even more and deeper reflections. I learned so much from those conversations. You made learning a process of opening the doors to possibilities. The course became the starting point for wonderful journeys of my own. I didn’t feel I was learning from an external source, didn’t feel I was having stuff piled on me. The process felt like me digging into my own thoughts, history, and ideas. Your suggestions of focusing on personal vision, personal growth, projects, slowing down, taking the time to develop a portfolio are all so great for me.”
— Ning Fan
“What a wonderful class! It has been so inspiring and thought-provoking for me. You’ve got me thinking about travel photography in particular, about photography in general, and about my photography. Awesome! I think the course is just as valuable for everyday photography as it is for travel. I also wanted to thank you for all the time you spend replying to our comments. That, I think, is one of the strengths of the class.”
— Jill B.
“Traveling Light is the first of Laura’s e-courses in which I have participated. It certainly won’t be the last. Laura presents the right mix of pertinent information, stunning photography and thought-provoking questions to stretch you technically but, more importantly, philosophically as well. This class, while designed for travelers, is relevant to all photographers whether you are planning a trip or not. Truly, it is an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.”
— Lisa Waddell