Crafting a Gorgeous Portfolio

I spend almost every day talking to photographers about their goals and challenges, helping them refine their vision and make images they’re really proud of. One set of challenges comes up over and over: photographers feel like their images are “all over the place” and they really want to figure out how to create a more cohesive vision. I LOVE helping artists move beyond common misperceptions and transcend practices that hold their work back. There are some big misperceptions on this topic - and some really common strategies that only add to photographers’ frustration. These conversations are some of the richest I have with people. So, I thought I’d record my thoughts, to help you gain clarity and confidence around these issues, too.

You’ll get a lot out of this talk if:

  • You’re annoyed by how random your image catalog looks

  • You feel like you lack clear, personal vision

  • The galleries on your website are a constant source of frustration
    (What to include? Everything?? Nothing? Argh!)

  • You can’t figure out what to enter into photo competitions (greatest hits??)

  • You wish you could exhibit in a gallery but you have no idea what to submit

  • You’d love your Instagram account to look like it was shot by one savvy, brilliant photographer - instead of a bunch of different photographers with wildly diverging visions

  • You’re tired of making “student work” and you’re ready to find your true artistry and SHINE

If any of that sounds like you…this talk will really help clear things up.

I hope you enjoy it!