A Video Walkthrough

Artists need to reinvigorate themselves every so often - to shake off the dust and get back in touch with the raw, vital energy of creativity. When the artistic spirit feels tired or blocked…it’s time to invite a breakthrough.

I always believe we can cultivate the conditions to welcome breakthroughs - we don't have to just sit around, twiddle our thumbs, and hope the muse picks us, you know? We can take an active role - it’s our creative journey, after all.

My most requested e-course is right around the corner, and it’s all about this. Light Atlas: The Path to Wholehearted Seeing is an e-course for photographers who want to overcome blocks, cultivate a truly original vision, and step into their full power as artists. It's about tapping into your innate creative genius so you always have inspiration to draw from. It's about opening space for a thriving, vibrant new vision to emerge. It’s about getting unstuck - brilliantly, bravely, wholeheartedly. It's about letting light in.

You can do this. Your art is worth it!

To give you an idea of what the course experience is all about, I made this little video walkthrough of the class signup page. You’ll learn all about what’s included in the course, and you’ll even hear my dog groan audibly at one point. That’s quality programming! Anyway, I hope this is helpful!

To view the video full screen, click on the arrows icon on the bottom right.

Class begins on October 21st.

If your creative spirit needs a reboot, join me!