Wholehearted, Soulful Creativity


I believe in soulful, delicious, heartfelt, connected, insightful art making. I stand for art as meditation, photographs as poetry, artists as visionaries and healers. I love images about deep personal subjects, vulnerable subjects, human subjects. I love it when artists put their hearts on their sleeves and their souls on the line - and how that makes us all feel more connected, safe, and heard.

I love how photography is a space where we can practice being open and brave and emotional - and how that can translate into making the rest of our lives better. I believe in innate brilliance. You don’t need to learn it. You already have it. And when you cultivate that inner voice? She gets stronger, and stronger - and stronger

Sure, photography is about pressing a button and making pretty pictures. But really? Really, it’s a direct portal to charged living. It’s a way in to what really matters. The daily churn of obligations, the media, showing up for work, tucking in our bra straps - that’s the peripheral stuff.

It’s raining outside - the first long, wet day here at the Oregon coast. I’m sitting here with a candle lit, listening to soulful music, my dog at my feet, and I’m thinking about how quickly life passes by. I’m already halfway through mine (optimistically).

Mary Oliver asked, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” I want to “burn, burn, burn” like Kerouac wrote. I want to feel deeply connected - to what feels sacred, to my authentic voice. I want to sit quietly and watch the light change over the landscape and feel completely present. At peace. I want my images to bring me home to myself, to help me love more wholeheartedly. I’m ready - and I’m holding my hand out to you, beautiful artist. It’s time to go deeper. 

Are you in?

Love and light from the Oregon coast,