The Visionary Portfolio e-course teaches you how to
create a gorgeous, cohesive body of work
based on your personal vision (yes, you do have one).

The Visionary Portfolio

Next Session: July 30th - September 6th

Do you want to create (or refine) a portfolio so your work can be exhibited in a gallery, published in a book, or beautifully presented on a website? Do your images speak deeply to your heart, but when you put them all together, they’re a bit...random? Or, maybe you just love the creative exploration and personal discovery that photography makes possible, and you want explore that with a community of passionate fellow artists?

If any of that is true for you, you’re in the right place.

Led by photographer, curator, and competition juror Laura Valenti, The Visionary Portfolio is a highly interactive e-course that guides you through the process of creating a unified portfolio. No more all-over-the-place images that look like each one was shot by a different person.

This is about understanding the photographs you take and why you take them.

This is about evolving as an artist (and as a human).  

This is about creating a portfolio that brings your vision alive.