A Taste of Gathering Light


My online photography salon Gathering Light is up and going, and it's a real source of joy every week. You can sample some of the creative content if you'd like to get a better sense of what the experience is like. Fill out the little form below and I'll send you a recent talk I gave about authenticity and the creative practice. I talk about using authenticity as a guide when making creative decisions. As artists, we often try to make our work unique - what happens when we shift our attention towards making work that's truly authentic? The topic inspired a really rich, insightful discussion in the Gathering Light forum. I hope you'll get a lot out of it too. It's just under twenty minutes - a mini lecture. Enjoy! 


We have a thoughtful, kind community of photographers in Gathering Light right now. Some participants are developing photo portfolios and using the forum as a place to share thoughts about image selections and editing choices. Some are experimenting with new styles and techniques and using the forum to get perspective on what they're producing. It's truly lovely. You can jump in any time and join the conversation. It's such a nice way to support your creative practice.

Get all the info and join here.